We are not here to change anybody´s life. We don´t have the power to do so. We don´t have your answers. To allow you to think that we would be a complete lie and total disservice to you.

You have the solution. We have a map and we can show you where it is and teach you how to read it. But you have your own answers.

What we will do is not about discovering who you are. It´s about remembering who you are.

If you´re to achieve the peace, joy, and spiritual fulfilment that you want so badly, it depends upon one thing and one thing only – your willingness to simply do something different.

You´re going to clean some hooves and you´re going to groom the horse. How you relate to this animal will tell us what you´ve learned over the course of your lifetime concerning how you relate to all living creatures and how it either works for or against you in your relationships.

Whichever horse you choose will serve as a mirror to your energy system – what you think, what you feel, and every move your body does or doesn´t make.

Every human being suffers from two things in varying degrees of intensity, two things that are taught to us. They´re called self-doubt and fear. The fear of physical harm and emotional harm. There is the fear of not being good enough, the fear of being discovered. The fear of making a mistake.

Courage doesn´t mean to be fearless. Courage is being afraid and going ahead and trying anyway.

The life taught us – don´t talk, don´t trust, and don´t feel. In other words, don´t be authentic.

Every one of us has a power to eliminate fear, come back to our roots and appreciate fully the joys of life. All you have to do is to find the strength in yourself to step out and do something in a different way.