Therapy is suitable for individuals as well as groups, families and people in management posssitions. Scroll down for more information.


Equine assisted therapy addresses a variety of mental health conditions and human development needs, including behavior issues, attention deficit disorder, substance abuse, eating disorders, abuse issues, depression, anxiety, anger management, relationship problems, communication needs, trauma and recovery.

Equine Assisted Therapy has something to offer anyone who wants to learn more about themselves and their relationships.

Building a successful relationship with a horse relies largely on the development of mutual trust and respect but skills such as concentration, observation and curiosity are also necessary. Therapists may choose activities to encourage these skills, including how to manage and care for a large animal. This can be empowering, helping to improve confidence and self-esteem.

Life is a challenge, and many people find themselves struggling with self-confidence, anxiety, depression, and other blocks that interfere with having the life they want. Our powerful, compassionate, and effective model of horse assisted therapy can help you:

  • Gain profound personal power and confidence
  • Stop giving up what YOU want to make others happy
  • Be heard – get your partner, children, boss…to listen to you the first time
  • Reconnect with the “you” that has gotten lost
  • Heal from past trauma
  • Improve your relationships


Families today face unique challenges and stressors. We have found that family sessions provide new experiences that can quickly help you see your strengths and identify what really needs to shift. Our professionals help you make use of the immediate, non-judgmental feedback from the horses so that your family can create change in the arena and translate it into change at home.

Interacting with horses can help your family with:

  • Creating an atmosphere at home that you want to be in
  • Reducing the stress of disciplinary problems
  • Effective communication & listening
  • Improving the self-control
  • Learning how to solve conflict situations
  • Boosting the trust & commitment
  • Eliminating destructive behaviors
  • Developing new ways of connecting and creating stronger bonds


Coaching with horses is about connecting our intellect with what is hidden inside of us in a practical way that really works. Creating a previously lost wholeness and learning again how the life works. Life works best when we are present in a moment. In order to interact effectively with horses you have to be fully present.

During the course of 10 classes you will have an opportunity to create the bond with others who are facing the similar challenges. Every class builds up on the successes of the previous class and therefore the weekly frequency is considered most efficient and helps to improve the personal grow.

With the methods of horse assisted therapy you will practice and learn together with horses to:

  • be present and trust the process
  • communicate authentically
  • create trust and respect
  • manage energy and focus
  • practice being calm and assertive
  • create awareness of boundaries, yours and others
  • listen actively - interpret signals and body language
  • ask powerful questions
  • be goal oriented
  • greater creativity in problem solving


Excellent leaders and high performance teams are essential for organizational health and success.  Our interactive and experiential leadership and team development programs are designed to strengthen the social and emotional intelligence needed for leaders and team members to be more effective, self-aware, and accountable.

Outcomes and results of horse assisted learning include:

  • stronger leadership and improved teamwork
  • amplified productivity
  • increased emotional intelligence
  • effective communication and listening
  • boost trust and commitment
  • enhanced relational skills and ability to positively influence others
  • greater creativity in problem solving
  • personal responsibility and conflict resolution skills
  • pore skilful verbal and non-verbal communication
  • greater awareness of subtle cues in yourself and others
  • improved ability to influence and impact others
  • building relationships through trust
  • leadership agility